Friday, April 16, 2010

War zone - KITCHEN

Who says it's easy to do household things like cooking, cleaning etc...

I am married and I also work fulltime in software industry. Where I am living, there is not time limitation in work so it's very common for me to reach home after 7:00 pm. I was initially not a big fan of cooking and household activities but now after 2 years of marriage I am little used to that.

I would love to share my yesterday with readers. I prefer to finish my grocery on weekday(so I don't waste more time on weekends). After finishing my work, I went for grocery. Unexpectedly it took me long and it was too much too. I live on 3rd floor so taking all these grocery to the apartment(without elevator) is a big exhausting task. After reaching to my 1st goal, I thought to start cooking. I thought to make full dinner of Daal, Roti, Rice and Sabji as I had very less Roti flour left.

Now starts all my extra struggle...

1. Due to small kitchen accident, rice and wheat flour were mixed up and as I was already in short of wheat flour, I have to separate them.
2. Addition to that, lots of rice was on the kitchen floor and they were playing hide and seek with me.
3. My husband's work decided not to let him go.
4. I tried to call my sister's family for the whole day but noone responded and in this kitchen war time both(My sis and he husband) called me separately to talk to me. Not just them I was missed by lot of friends so my phone didn't stop ringing for these entire 2-3 hours of war time.
5. After cooking, when till 11:00 pm my husband didn't show up, I have to finish dishes too.

And just like that my yesterday was over!! But I am not done yet... One thing is still left which is,

6. I couldn't sleep properly today.

And due to that(obviously) I am frustrated today.

It would be great if someone can guide me how to control my anger due to day to day struggle!!!

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