Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bruschetta: Quick Italian starter(How to)

Buonasera!!! (Good Evening!!!)

I am not a big time cooking person but there are few days when I am in a mood to make something new. My kithen rescuer is my sweet elder sister. If I call her at lunch-dinner(making) time, she will understand I have some problem. In my case I have to write down the simplest recipe just to make sure I don't forget. My experience says, I forget things very easily...

We don't like regular american breads so we always used to through breads after 2-3 days so I stopped buying it until I discovered my love to french breads/baguette in my recent trip to San Diego through my friends.

Anyways lets get back to the blog title now. So one day when I was taking to my sister she told me about how simple this dish is,

-Spring cheese stick
-Green olives
-French baguette(I used French Bread)
-Olive oil
-Basil flex dried
-Parsley flex dried
-Oregano flex dried
-Black papper

-To make the garlic paste, chop garlic finely. In olive oil add garlic, parsley, oregano, basil flex. Spread this oilve oil on french bread slice on both the sides.
-Bake the bread on 400 F till the time it becomes crispy. It doesn't need more than 15 minutes. You can change the side in between.
-Chop tomato, spring cheese, oilves finely. Add salt, black pepper, basil, parsley, oregano flex.
-Put this mix on a garlic toast which you just made.

It's customized recipe but what I love the most is the smell of garlic toast. You can make the same thing with fresh basil leaves instead of flex.

Buongiorno!!! (Good Day!!!)

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