Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall leaves creations!!!

I love to collect fall leaves and I also love to use them in all my crafts. i have been searching on internet for how can you use them in craft. Here I am adding some links which might help you to inspire any of your craft with fall leaves!

I will be adding more and more as I will find it online. Thanks for looking at the blog. If you know any other blogs or site please add it in comments.


Anonymous said...

wow! thank you so, so much for the link to the fall leaf post! I am so pleased that you liked it. and believe me it really, really works! I still have my leaves covered in Mod Podge from last year. And they look like I just picked them off the tree!

Have fun crafting with fall!

Line of a poem... said...

Ya I really really loved what you did. I always forget about the links I saved so I thought to create a blog so it can be found every time I want.

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