Monday, June 21, 2010

Gift of lifetime

Just a day before my birthday(actually hours before 12:00 midnight) in 2005 summer my (future)in-laws called me that they are planning to come to my home at midnight to celebrate my birthday. My parents told them to come early so they don't need to drive in night as we live in different cities but they were ok with 12. At 11:55 pm when we were waiting for them in my house, I saw 2 people trying to open the outside gate. As the gate stuck sometimes, I went to help them. And then I got the surprise of lifetime.... Yes my fiance was in front of me with his best buddy to who I talked on phone 1 day earlier in USA. His friend was with camera just to capture my expressions(and he did). I was speechless and didn't realize what to do!!!

Not just me but my parents were also very surprised. He brought some pastries and flowers(he is not good with gifts, his mom told him to do that). And we had THE best birthday celebration. I think I can never get something bigger than that. I think till 15 minutes I was not sure what should I do. Do I have to tell I was on top of the world?

Anyways then after I got the other pieces of the puzzle. He flew from New York to India on that very same day(7-8 hours before the surprise). I was at his home for my TOEFL exam just 2 days back but everyone successfully kept the (best)secret.

When my roommate(my very good friend) called me just after midnight to wish me, I told her about his surprise and she was laughing at me saying that I was crazy and I see him everywhere(from her day-to-day experience ;-)). She was not believing it until she talked to him. For some more fun, when any of my friends called he will talk to them first. No one believed us saying we are in teleconference.

Technologies, but not this time!!! ;-)


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